Building Up on Service

Building Up on Service
Monday, 09 April 2018 10:45

AADA NabholzBeginning in 1949 as a small construction company, Nabholz Construction is now a team packed with hundreds of industry-leading professionals that work together to serve their clients, as well as their communities. Far bigger than most would imagine, Nabholz is comprised of several major operations within its construction empire. Nabholz Construction would be the face Arkansans would recognize as responsible for building hospitals, schools, dormitories, data centers – larger, multi-million-dollar projects. While Nabholz is ready and willing to undertake massive projects (like hospitals), they’re also ready to work on the smaller construction projects their clients need too (including projects from $1K-$1M type budgets).  This type project is performed by their Construction Services Operations. Nabholz has one specialty operation called Nabholz Industrial Services that serves all Industrial Manufacturers nation-wide, installing and relocating machinery.  Their focus on integrity, safety, and service to each and every one of their clients is a key component to their steady growth and success. 

Current President of the Nabholz Industrial Services Operation is Ben Montgomery. After finishing his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from University of Arkansas, Ben found himself in and out of different aspects of the manufacturing and industrial industry before joining Nabholz 18 years ago. Since then, Ben and his team of skilled craftsmen and industry professionals has seen so many projects through from start to finish, that he confidently knows what type of quality service and commitment to keeping active relations with their clients is needed to remain successful, as well as connected, in our ever-changing business economy. While focused on projects within Arkansas, Nabholz Construction also has quite a large business footprint, working on projects from coast-to-coast, and border-to-border.  Nabholz will travel anywhere in the USA to perform work for existing clients.

Certainly not the immediate thought of being an aerospace company, Ben realized Nabholz needed to be more involved in aerospace after attending a previous summit. He said, “I walked in there and realized, boy I have a lot of clients here! And after getting back to the office and doing a little research I realized that we already work for 18 AR companies that consider themselves aerospace providing companies. That’s when I realized, we already serve that market and I need to try and give back.” So began Nabholz’s membership within the Alliance. 

Ben continued explaining how partnering with the Alliance became a way to not only foster new business relationships, but to also cultivate the relations he already had with members that were already clients. Ben talked of how Nabholz’s membership helped him find new outlets to serve his clients, through recommendations and focusing on the importance of building on the interconnectedness their companies need to thrive. He said, “We wanted to do more for our aerospace clients; there’s so many good people, we have to figure out a way to give back. [through the Alliance] bring more work to our clients, bring business to Arkansas in general…I want Arkansas to win!”

With the summit wrapped up, perhaps you had the opportunity to connect with Nabholz and build on that service and willingness to work to foster new relationships. In looking towards the future as a member of the Alliance, Ben wanted to add that should a need arise, big or small, he hopes the Alliance will rely on asking him and his team to take the responsibility to get it done with integrity, safety, and service.